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DISCLAIMER I am not saying to support one mining client over another, or one mining pool over another, this is just what I tried and what worked for me. Also, keep in mind I'm a beginner and the experienced people who have been doing this even for a month or two will most likely have much better advice than me.
So, to anyone interested in starting up mining, I got it going last night with no previous mining experience. What I'm going to try to do here is explain the method I took (I tried a few and this one was the easiest method).
First thing I did was download the Bitcoin client here: Second thing I did was download the GUI mining client from here Third thing I did was sign up for the Deepbit mining pool Fourth step was to take my wallet address out of the bitcoin client and input that into the Deepbit website (once logged in) and just verify my settings. Fifth close the Bitcoin client, open the gui mining program and select "start bitcoin as a server" from the toolbar menu. Then, select deepbit from the drop down menu (you can select solo if you plan to not be part of a pool), fill in your credentials and hit start. I repeated this step three more times for my three other GPU's (in my case it was core0, core1, core2 and core3, representing each gpu in my two 6990's). Sixth step I did, I probably should have done first. My gpu's wound right up under load, and if you are at all familiar with 6990's, they are like banshee's telling a tornado to go fuck itself while an atomic bomb goes off. With all my gpu settings set to automatic, the fans were about 80% wound up with temps ranging from the mid-90's to around 103. Hot, for sure, but very common for these cards. I underclocked my cards down from 830, putting the two hottest gpu's to 600 with one of their fans at 70% and one at 80%. I put the other two gpu's at 700 with both fans at 60%. With those settings, my cards are all sitting at around 84-87 degrees, which is hotter than I would like, but still within reason for long term running.
I'm getting about 1.1 ghash/s with those settings. My computer is a bit sluggish, but not unusable for basic stuff. I'm going to be looking into some waterblocks for the two 6990's, and once i do that, i should be able to overclock to around 950 and still keep temps way down. I expect with those settings that I'll get around 1.6-1.8 ghash/s.
Before going this route, I had played around with the Python OpenCL Bitcoin Miner and had followed this guide in setting it up. Using scripts gives you more freedom to control how you want bitcoin and the miner to function (you can alter your workload and how much resources you want to dedicate to mining using different operator switch tags in your batch script). Essentially, with this method you will create two batch files: one for starting the server, and one for starting the miner under the conditions you want.
To me, both options work, and do what I want them to. The gui option was cleaner, easier to use and set up and just looks a lot better. The script option gives more room for customization and performance enhancing/degrading so that mining can be done all the time without crushing computer performance. It's all a preference of what suits you best.
For reference purposes, these are my computer specs: -Coolermaster HAF X case -Gigabyte G1 Killer Assassin mobo -Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 990x CPU -Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 1200w psu -XFX Radeon 6990 gpu (x2, run in quadfire) -24gb Corsair Dominator DDR3 ram -240gb RevoDriveX2 bootable SSD running win7 -Corsair Hydro Series H70 Cpu Cooler modified with two 140mm Silverstone Air Penetrator's -200mm side case fan, 230mm front case fan, 2x 200mm top exhaust fans, I believe all these fans are 130 cfm, but I want to swap the side 200mm for a 160 cfm fan.
EDIT: If you are downvoting and don't agree with what I have written, please explain to me why. I'm a beginner and there are still tons of things I don't understand.
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