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Digital Currency Changing the Future of Transactions

Most perusers have likely known about Bitcoin, the computerized coin that commands the crytocurrency money advertise. It has picked up see both due to its soaring worth (from not as much as a penny in mid 2010 to around $2,600 presently) and in light of the fact that it is every now and again a key player in hacking-and underground market related stories, from the plundering of about a large portion of a billion dollars in coins from the trade in 2014 to the ongoing interest for installment in Bitcoin in assault.
Yet, do you know Ethereum, with an aggregate estimation of coins available for use of near $20 billion? Bitcoin Cash, which split off from the first Bitcoin on Aug. 1, lost about a large portion of its incentive inside hours, at that point almost quadrupled by the following day? collect airdrops Or on the other hand, adjusting the Big Four, Ripple — whose cash is known as XRP — which shot up to around 40 pennies by mid-May from not as much as a penny toward the finish of March? (Full revelation: I possessed however emptied three of these monetary standards previously composing this article.) Then there are more than 800 lower-esteem and frequently innovatively named coins among those recorded on Coinmarketcap.com. One can purchase FedoraCoin (its dapper image being the Justin Timberlake-affirmed cap (one think about what it would appear that) or, blockchain lending to pick one of many raising the back, Quartz, presently estimated around three-thousandths of a penny. (Awful news for the individuals who got it at just shy of $2 toward the finish of May.)
After years as a specialty advertise for mechanically complex agitators and libertarians amped up for a decentralized monetary system not under government control, advanced coins might be very nearly going standard. "It's the wild, wild West," said Ron Ginn, 35, originator of a private photograph sharing administration called Text Event Pics in St. Augustine, Fla., who has removed all his cash from the share trading system and place it into Ripple and land. "This resembles getting the opportunity to put resources into the web in the '90s. I'm clearly extremely bullish, however I hope to make a few million dollars off almost no cash. This is the chance of a lifetime. Fund is getting its web."
Crytocurrency money has reasonable interest to recent college grads who became an adult amid the 2008 budgetary emergency and are currently watching the ascent of antiglobalist populism debilitate the steadiness of the global economy.
"There's an ease for section, you don't pay a considerable measure of charges and twenty to thirty year olds are the most educated," said John Guarco, 22, an ongoing Duke graduate living on Staten Island who, as the vast majority of the general population met for this article, solicited that names from the coins in which he has contributed not be distributed inspired by a paranoid fear of being focused by programmers.
Not at all like past ages, a large number of these greenhorn financial specialists don't have annuities or 401(k)'s, are doubtful of socking cash away in common supports and are completely familiar with owning computerized resources that have no solid properties. As conventional ways to upper-working class security are being obstructed by obligation, over the top lodging costs and a temperamental activity advertise, these financial specialists see digital currency not just as a support against another Dow Jones crash, yet additionally as the most balanced — and even idealistic — methods for contributing their cash.
There are a few hindrances to mass fame. Speculators must have enough recognition with and trust of the web to send cash through a digital currency trade, for example, Coinbase or Poloniex. A portion of the trades additionally have detailed and moderate personality check forms, and certain states don't allow clients to contribute on them yet. Be that as it may, it's ceaselessly getting simpler, and different trades permit charge cards for rapid buys.
Accepting one's cash is ensured, there are, obviously, the standard dangers of contributing, opened up by the unpredictability of digital currency. It's normal for a coin to vacillate twofold digit rates inside multi day, regularly in light of "pump-and-dump" methods from composed clients endeavoring to control costs in totally unregulated free markets.
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Redd coin exchange

Hello all,
Can anyone point me out any currency exchange points to exchange my fedoracoins and dogecoins to reddcoins. i have some bitcoins at blockchain but it says that i could not withdraw since my balance is too low. so i need some place to exchange my altcoins to reddcoins.
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eduffield's tells us the difference

eduffield, our DarkCoin developer, recently explained clearly the difference between Darkcoin and Zerocoin, and it's well worth taking a look at :) It sounds to me like Zerocoin can't survive long with the bloated blockchain it creates.
"I’ve heard some chatter and misconceptions about the difference between Darkcoin vs Zerocoin, so here’s a write up about the pros and cons of each approach and what they do differently.
First off, most people start by asking is DarkSend actually real and does it work? Yes! Checkout the development progress here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=467857.0
DarkSend is based off of Greg Maxwells original idea called Coinjoin, with some added improvements and decentralization. The decentralized approach is important because the logic is self contained in the client, which is managed by the users themselves. This is a trustless solution.
Darkcoin uses the base transaction layer to sign it’s transactions in much the same way that Bitcoin does. The mathematics are tried and true and have been used for years in computer security and banking.
Transactions will be grouped together and the same cost as sending transactions on the normal network. Both DarkSend and normal transactions will be available to choose from, but at some point we might default to DarkSend (and go Dark).
It’s also worth noting that this approach doesn’t bloat the blockchain at all either. Transactions are the same size as the would have been.
The approach Zerocoin takes is to use some exotic mathematics to hide the identity with a zero-knowledge proof. This allows a higher quality of anonymity, but also could have some unforeseen hole that will be exploited later.
Checkout this link to see the mathematics I'm talking about: https://github.com/Zerocoin/libzerocoin/blob/masteAccumulatorProofOfKnowledge.cpp
Zerocoin's proof of work is in the 344 byte range, which was reduced from 50kb in Mathew Green’s original work. These proofs must be stored in the blockchain for each transaction that goes through the network for confirmation purposes and the ledger history, so this will cause a lot of bloat. There is also a need for these proofs to be processed by the networks nodes, being larger will cause more intense CPU usage with smaller transaction rates.
Mixing Services - (Fedoracoin, Anoncoin)
The revolutionary feature of Bitcoin was not the currency, but the decentralized ledger. Mixing services are great at what they do, but any hosted service is inherently centralized and requires an amount of trust of that entity. Services setup in a centralized way can also be compromised without users knowledge.
I think the Darkcoin approach has the best mix of features, with the least risk and it’s decentralized. So we definitely have our place in the market.
EDIT: I accidentally copied misinformation from a bad source on the internet, I was looking for original sources this morning trying to vet my post and found it was wrong. Sorry!
Coinjoin spec: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=279249.0;all Matthew Green's paper: http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/G.Danezis/papers/DanezisFournetKohlweissParno13.pdf"
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Let's Talk About Enhanced Features

That is, features that enhance the experience, pull us back on the level of The Pirate Bay as it was.
I've got two big complaints about MercBay, and we're going to talk about them both here so that we can get them solved.
  1. Voting, Comments and Flagging
  2. Difficulty of Submitting (accessibility of coin)
So let's knock those out.
In concern of VCF, I am considering building a clone of Reddit:
And do the following to it:
  1. Build a bot. This bot will go to work whenever a submission is made to the blockchain (likely culling the data from chainexplorer.info) with our standard LINK hook (4c696e6b). It nabs the data submitted from the blockchain and uses it to do the following.
  2. Tags submitted with a magnet link will do one of two things: create a subreddit named what that tag is or if the subreddit is already created, post the following underneath it. The license selected for Creative Commons also will post the information under the appropriate marked CC subreddit as well.
  3. The title name of the torrent becomes the title of the post.
  4. The description of the torrent becomes the text, followed by the magnet link submitted and the link to chainexplorer.info reflecting the data associated with the submission.
  5. Field for optional username.
Let me know if I missed anything important on that.
Here's where it gets good.
When you submit on MercBay and the information is organized on chainexplorer.info, culled from this Reddit clone, it makes the post but does so under the user's account ID submitted from the site.
There has always been talk about tying Reddit's upvote/downvote system with cryptocurrency, but obviously it limits the scale and reach of the site if you're not allowed to upvote without having money in an account to do it. But what if the we solve that income generation issue? Check the bottom of the post for the technical details.
So the upvote system would be tied to, when you upvote someone, you're taking a TIPS from your account and giving it to them. So the username submitted with the form will earn all the tips that someone upvotes to them.
Let's talk about fraud for a second on this approach. Is it possible for someone to submit someone else's username on a bad magnet link submission? Yes. However, since it's posted under their name, their account, they will have to ability to delete the submission from under their Reddit clone account.
Remember there's an associated cost with submissions. If someone tries to "destroy" another user by making bad submissions, all they're doing is wasting money while the other user, the true user, can veto the submissions.
Downvotes do no payment or take payment, they are only reflective of bad quality.
Commenting will be "free" and also compatible with tip bots, so if someone wants to give more TIPS than a simple upvote can provide or tip in whatever other currency, they can do that.
Report function will work as normal, but we'll work through that later. I am on the fence about it's full functionality. Maybe build a nuclear option if, for example, a post gets 50 unique reports for bad content, it automatically hides the post from view.
Submission Difficulty (access of coin)
Those of you that have been around for awhile remember idigdoge.com and my TIPS rebuild of it, the original TippingIntensifies. What it was was a javascript based coin miner that worked when someone visited a webpage.
http://idigdoge.com/ https://github.com/7THStage/idigdoge
As you can see from the original build, it was an info page, you went down to the bottom and saw your hashrate, could input your email address and a database in the site kept track of your earned coins, where you could make a request to the person who ran the site to have your coin sent to the address of your choosing.
I plan on appropriating this software in two different ways. One that effects MercBay, one that effects the Reddit clone.
On MercBay, I plan on putting a checkbox on the Submit page and title it:
-I Want To Make A Submission But Have No Fedoracoin
Leaving it unchecked operates the site as it is now. Checking it will grey out the submit button and add a countdown timer. You wait on the page, and after the timer ticks down, the submit button resurfaces and you click it. The new "give coin to this address" shows the address and then gives a field to paste that address into. After clicking submit, a payment is made to the address reflecting in the next pop up showing TXID and a successful submission.
How the fuck does that work?
The intent is to keep the person making the submission stay on the page long enough in order to generate coin for a combined, community fund, that'll be kept stocked up. Their submission request then, is paid by the fund like one would receive from a bitcoin/altcoin faucet.
Is it possible to abuse? Someone could stop the script for the mining in their browser but allow the script for submissions to continue, but it's not likely and, it's more likely that lurkers and believers leaving the page open will pay the cost inadvertently for the free loaders, or have the fund just ready to donate to in order to keep the wheels rolling.
The same script can be used in the Reddit clone in order to build "credits for upvoting" for a user, i.e., the longer they sit on the site, the more upvotes are generated for them to hand out, and thus, coin. Up in the air if that's going to be submissions from personal accounts as originally presented or from a community fund. Again, feedback is necessary.
Okay, I'm out of time again and have to hit the road. I'll be back later to answer any questions. Thanks again.
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XC's code reviewed again. No similarities with FedoraCoin

I was invited to check the implementation of XC compared to FedoraCoin's codebase and find similarities between them. First of all, I visited FedoraCoin's repository and checked the specific file mentioned (mixerann.cpp and the header file). Then, I was invited to Developer's station with a Teamviewer session and saw the code that implements the specific feature.
The code is in no way similar between the two coins. But, I believe that one must trusts his own eyes (and compiler). Just download the source code from FedoraCoin and create a working wallet that has all the features of XC enabled. That would prove whether the claim is correct or false.
Now, I do not know who claimed that Fedora and XC share the same codebase. If someone claims that some principles are the same, then I'm afraid that someone hasn't heard of Bitcoin and the blockchain concept (or the transaction concept, or the pubkey->wallet address concept, or... the list goes on forever).
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How To Bitcoin, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfinityCoin, WorldCoin and EarthCoin From QoinPr BITCOIN, GOLD & SP500 - Alle Assets werden steigen!!! Die ... BITCOIN IST MEGA BULLISH! Ethereum verliert an stärke und ... günlük ücretsiz Bitcoin, Litecoin, Fedoracoin, Feathercoin, Infinitecoin, Dogecoin Crypto Basics 101: Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Revolution ...

Please remember that this project is in development. The web and his graphic design are in early stages of development. FedoraCoin is one of the digital assets that act as a medium of exchange just like the other cryptocurrencies models in the market. FedoraCoin came online in the year 2013 as an open source and anonymous virtual currency which share a lot in common with Bitcoin. FedoraCoin is a mixture of Litecoin and Dogecoin and was introduced as the ideal type of cryptocurrency that allows users to tip each ... FedoraCoin price today is $0.000001 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $73.74 USD. FedoraCoin is up 0.21% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #1824, with a market cap of $260,815 USD. It has a circulating supply of 212,269,865,434 TIPS coins and the max. supply is not available. You can find the top exchanges to trade FedoraCoin listed on our crypto exchanges page ... Fedoracoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency, based on the "Tips Fedora" meme project, which appeared in March of 2014. This currency aims to allow its users to send money to anyone all around the world who uses FedoraCoin's "Coinjoin" implementation. With its fast block time (10 times faster than Bitcoin), FedoraCoin allows you to live in the moment, making and receiving immediate payments. Hatty. With its strong and growing community giving TiPS from all over the world, you will no longer have excuses for not tipping your hat. Click here for your free complimentary TiPS. Do you need some coin to tip someone with the Reddit tipping bot? Do ...

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How To Bitcoin, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfinityCoin, WorldCoin and EarthCoin From QoinPr

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