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In this Episode We are delighted to present an interview with MaidSafe Core Developer, Benjamin Bollen, starting with topics of basic computer and networking technology (to undercut the latter part of the interview for as many people as possible) and working our way to why the MaidSafe team decided shift the project to a brand new programming language so late in the game. Ben Bollen Chief Blockchain Strategist. Benjamin Bollen is a physicist working to build decentralized computing systems since 2009. Benjamin previously built Hyperledger Burrow, formerly Eris-DB, as lead developer at Monax Industries, worked on the routing layer when at MaidSafe and researched computationally efficient representations of strongly correlated quantum systems at university. MaidSafe Video - Presentation and Q&A by core developer Benjamin Bollen given on 6 May 2015 at Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam One of Pepo’s co-founders, Benjamin Bollen, was a lead developer at Hyperledger Burrow, Monax, and Maidsafe. The OST 50-person technology team has been developing the technology to enable apps like Pepo since 2016. The Ost technology is open-sourced for anyone to use. Benjamin Bollen is a core developer for MaidSafe, a decentralized cloud-based service for storing and distributing information.It is among the best known non-financial applications for cryptocurrencies and, like Ethereum, raised substantial pre-launch funding through a crowdsale.

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I Work for MaidSafe Now

Major channel updates. New camera gear and I started working for MaidSafe!! If you liked this video please help support the creation of more. Bitcoin Donatio... Benjamin Bollen - Duration: 5:11. Air-one ... MaidSafe at by Core Developer Benjamin Bollen - Duration: 37:43. Bitcoin Wednesday 2,473 views. 37:43. Jason Goldberg, CEO, Ideal ... interview with Nick Lambert from MaidSafe discussing privacy, internet, decentralization, bitcoin and the Safe network. • The SAFE Network: The Road Ahead (Benjamin Bollen) • Tendermint: Proof-of-Stake Done Right (Brian Fabian Crain) Bitcoin Tips: 1J8rXYRySEoURHTJTg7FvxF7VmhPW... A video to show how Maidstone is kept safe and clean during the night time economy via MaidSafe!