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Payment options for Canadian performers and sellers

So this question comes up a lot and I thought it was worth making a separate post about it to try and get all the information in one place. While there are many great resources on the various camming and selling subreddits regarding payment options, none of them are specific to Canadian sellers as far as I know. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with those, though, because they have information about the safety of your money and your identity/privacy when using each service.
Transparency Statement
Apps and services I have personally used will be indicated within. I also want to note that I was given a $10 Polyalpha gift card by a fellow Redditor and seller for a chance to try the service (it was a public offer given in a comment thread). I do not anticipate bias because of this, but it has given me information about the service that I would not have otherwise had.
This post is for information purposes only and nothing I say should be construed as an endorsement. Similarly, the focus of this post is on payment options for Canadian models. There are a lot more things to consider as you do your research, so please keep in mind that this is not intended to be a comprehensive resource and take the time to double-check how each works when it comes to personal safety and anonymity in particular.
I have broken this down into two tables – one for third-party apps that Canadians can use to receive direct payment from individual buyers, and one that gives the lowdown on getting paid from various content/cam sites. Note that many of the options in Table 2 are also payment processors or can be used as such.
Table 1. Third-party apps for receiving direct payment.
>>Options in bold require that you have a US-based checking account<< See next section for more information.

Service Currency options for receiving payment Payment options for buyers Withdrawal procedure Fees Notes Source
Paxum EUR, GBP, USD Must have Paxum Prepaid card; to US bank account $0.25/transaction Poor quality info online; nonexistent customer service Personal experience and
Shakepay Bitcoin, Ethereum BTC, ETH, PolyAlpha Convert to CAD within the app and etransfer it to yourself None from Shakepay but may be bank fees By far the most painless sign-up experience I've had -Personal experience and
Payza 24 others besides CAD Must have Payza; can load from debit or CC Convert to CAD in-app -> bank transfer, Payza card, or BTC Free I have not used this - all info from website
eTransfer CAD CAD via email or text None required Varies by bank and account type Only safe option here is to use a dedicated and separate email. I don't know if it would work using a number from Burner or Text Plus Personal experience: When you receive money, the name associated with your bank acct isn't visible to the sender
PolyAlpha Bitcoin via gift voucher USD using PayPal or CashApp (see notes) Bitcoin wallet Currently around 18% and decreasing a) I used Shakepay to receive BTC because it can convert to CAD in-app Personal experience, Reddit, and (scroll to bottom -> Gift Vouchers -> "buy" or "redeem")
GiftRocket USD USD or merchant gift card via CC Direct deposit to US account; gift card Buyer pays $2 + 5% of value a) I have not used this – all info from website b) Gift cards avail. for specific places – see website
Table 1 Notes
Opening a US Checking Account
To my knowledge, TD and RBC are the only banks where this is possible. In order to take advantage of the payment options I’ve identified in bold in Table 1 and Table 2, it is imperative that you open a US-based checking account and not just a USD account through your home branch. The difference is that a US-based checking account is tied to a branch that has a physical location in the US.
I opened mine through RBC and it was relatively painless. I opened a Canadian checking account online but had to go to a branch to provide ID verification. This is required in order to open the US account. Next I called them to open the US-based account. You can do this at any branch as well, but I was told that it takes longer to open this way. Over the phone, it was instant. My accounts are linked through my online banking portal and RBC banking app, allowing me to transfer myself money easily and instantly. They also sent me a Visa Debit for my US account, which took about two weeks to arrive.
Table 2. Payment methods for Canadian sellers and performers on various cam/content sites.
I have omitted all instances of wire transfers (because they are slow, expensive, and usually have high payout minimums) and all instances of cheques (because they are slow). I have omitted all mention of ePayments because they no longer accept payments in USD.

Site Direct deposit in CAD? Direct deposit to US account? Other payment options Source
Chaturbate No Yes Paxum
My Free Cams No Yes Paxum, Payoneer
Bonga Cams No Yes Paxum, Crypto (five different ones)
Streamate No Yes Paxum, Payoneer
Stripchat No Yes Paxum
CamSoda No Yes Paxum
IndieBill No Yes None
ManyVids Yes - $30 fee but FREE to deposit to Canadian USD account Yes Paxum
OnlyFans No Yes Paxum Via email b/c info is only available to registered account holders
Clips4Sale No Yes None
iwantclips No Yes None
Table 2 notes
TL;DR Get a US-based bank account, Paxum, and Shakepay.
I am open to questions, comments, and concerns! I would like this resource to be as tight as possible so be sure to let me know if you see any issues or gaps.
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About Me

My name is Miu, I am 30f and only just now trying this out for the first time! I've got a lot to learn so please bare with me :) I live on the west coast~
I'm still getting myself sorted, not ready to open up just yeeeet
(yes, puns were intended)
I offer:
KIK only for now. GFE, texting, photos/video (live or premade), and do take requests for those! Dropbox monthly and yearly content, where at least one photo or video per month will be with new lingerie as well. I also write erotica and do voice recordings.
Love to:
I don't do these yet, but am working on it. :)
Hard no:
Pricing in USD
Dropbox pics and premade video access - Monthly: $10 - Yearly: $60
Payment Info
I will chat with you first to discuss what you're looking for, and if I can provide it, then once decided I will require payment before starting!
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Fraud on Paxful

Hello guys,
I need your advices, It looks that I'm becoming the victim of fraud or scam.
My PAXFUL account is and sometimes I sell some bitcoins through your service but mostly I trade through my LocalBitcoins account where I completed 1000+ trades with ~1150 different traders and total turnover ~1000 BTC. I've put there reference link to my Paxum accont at the top of my Localbitcoins accout to prove that I am really its owner
I've never been scammed there and never done so there, you can check my perfect feedback there
But now here I have an issue. On December 23th created the trade with me to buy 2.54115109 BTC for 2454.09 USD for WESTERN UNION. I gave him receiver's name in Russia and mentioned that my agent closes in 15 minutes from the moment (it was 9:30 pm local time) so I were able to pick up the transfer only in 12 hours when my agent would open again. Then buyer @tomans660 canceled the trade and said that will contact me tomorrow. Then I switched off my Paxful offers. My local agents open not earlier than 9:00 am local time so at 6:00 am local time I switched on my selling Paxful offers. Right after that buyer @tomans660 created the trade to buy bitcoins for 2450 USD Western Union. He said that they completed the transfer and gave me the number to pick it up. I checked the status of transfer here but transfer had status "Processing". I asked buyer @tomans660 to call Western Union to proceed and he promissed to do that. But in few minutes after that I checked the status of transfer and it had status "Money transfer was picked up". So it means that somebudy in Russia picked up the transfer on my behalf. Then buyer @tomans660 marked trade as paid and started discussing that I am a lier and scammer and I picked up the money. But my agents even hadn't opened that time when transfer was picked up. I live in Novosibirsk city, Russia. All agents were closed that time.
I guess the buyer @tomans660 is Russian person himself and he has somebody working in the bank with Western Union in Russia so they processed the transfer using fake documents of receiver or even without any documents. Today I read a lot that there were many such cases of fraud in the Internet. It's only needed to have money transfer number and somebody working within Western Union system.
Also, I have noticed that there was a mistake in receiver's last name. The mistake could be made to not let me pick up the transfer faster then them. So my receiver wouldn't even be able to pick up the transfer with such mistake in his last name. That also proves that transfer was picked up on receivers behalf by somebody working in Western Union for @tomans660.
I have googled some information about @tomans660 and found out that @tomans660 has an account on LocalBitcoins as well but he was banned there for some fraud. I have contacted LocalBitcoins staff to provide me some information about the reason of ban and the kind of fraud he did. They replyed the following So he does some suspecious payments from 3rd parties.
Here is also the link to the topic where @tomans660 actions discussed and webcache of his page on localbitcoins!/localbitcoins/general-discussion:warning-tomans660-cash-depo
I almost sure that @tomans660 is not the person who sent money. I guess real sender sent money not to me and even has no idea about my PAXFUL @dgon1990 account.
I've been waiting for response from Paxful admins for last 2 day but still nobodey replies.
Does anybody has any ideas what to do?
Thank you in advance
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