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How BCH saved my trip

A year ago (reminded by my photo album) I had the privilege to visit Budapest (awesome city btw). I believe I was so impressed with the beauty of the city that I didn’t notice someone pickpocketing my wallet.
Few euros and all bank cards: GONE.
10 minutes after I notice it, all cards are blocked and I am wandering the heck I will do with no money on a foreign city.
Luckily I remembered my bitcoin wallet. If there is a BTC ATM in this city (and there was) I can get some cash.
Went to the ATM inside a fancy restaurant. Follow all the steps and sent the BTC to the atm address. Now I need to wait for the confirmations (which didn’t happened that night) and check for the next steps.
It’s late, no money, hungry. With not much hope I ask the the guy in the restaurant if they accept Bitcoin. He nods and say “cash we do”. Boy, as was so happy.
“Get me a Jamon platter and a glass of Red Wine. I am treating myself this evening!”
PS: the atm company was kind enough to refund my BTC 2 days after this event
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